Parking Lot Striping

Brave Construction Cleanup Offers Professional Parking Lot Striping in Carencro, LA

Build a Better Parking Lot

If you’re a business owner, you know that an important but often neglected part of office and commercial property maintenance is keeping your parking lot looking clean and professional. Brave Construction Cleanup offers parking lot striping for your property, including new stripe lay-out and re-striping. We are experts at utilizing all the tools and techniques necessary for any job, such as temporary tape, paint, reflectors and thermoplastic burndown markings.

Call (337)255-0637 if you need any of the following for your property in Carencro or surrounding areas:

  • Speed bumps
  • Wheel stops
  • Handicap stenciling
  • Other traffic solutions for high pedestrian foot traffic

We also assist road builders with striping services.


Visiting a store, office, industrial facility or job site should be easy for everyone, and that means making parking lots fully accessible. Brave Construction Cleanup understands the importance of complying with The Americans with Disabilities Act. We can help ensure that your business meets ADA regulations.

Parking Lot Striping

Handicap Stenciling

Temporary Road Construction Solutions

Photo Gallery of Parking Lot Striping 

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