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The EPA defines erosion and sediment control Best Management Practices (BMP) as ‘the most effective means of preventing or reducing pollution from non-point sources’.

Preventing pollution from run-off, controlling erosion and managing stormwater is critical to the long-term success and regulatory compliance of any construction project. Getting erosion and sediment control right takes careful site evaluation and an ability to solve engineering challenges in economic and environmentally-sound ways.

At Brave Environmental Site Services our experienced team provides the complete erosion and sediment control BMP package. That means you’re getting a reliable specialist resource you can depend on throughout the project and other contractors can focus on their project areas.

We provide erosion control services based specifically on the needs of today’s homebuilders. We maintain a fleet of current equipment and personnel focused specifically on the day to day operations of home construction with inspections, budgets, and service calls in mind. We have many pricing and service frequency structures available including per lot and per unit pricing. Years of experience in working with the industry’s top homebuilding companies has allowed us to adapt to be the efficient leader in home construction erosion control. 

Lot Grading

Whether your project is new construction or renovation, it is vital that a solid grading plan is established. A Grading plan ensures that water moves down and away from the foundation. You want all water to exit your lot to an approved storm drain system.

A grading plan involves specific dirt work that shapes your site landscaping and soil elevations to accomplish a proper flow of rain water. An improper grading plan  will result is water from storms and irrigation to run back toward your home which will cause foundation moisture issues, hydrostatic pressure against the wall, leading to foundation cracks and possible structural damage.

Construction Site Pollution Hazards

Construction sites are capable of producing water pollution hazards with potentially dangerous effects to the environment.

Surface water run-off can contain paints, glues, cement, gas, diesel, oils, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), and other toxic chemicals. These toxins can infiltrate the ground water below homes surrounding the jobsite, which in turn can cause health problems.

Contaminated run-off, soil, and ground water can be hazardous to domestic pets, livestock, and other wildlife in the vicinity of your construction site.

To minimize your environmental impact, let the team team at Brave Environmental Site Services design, implement, and monitor your SWPPP/Erosion Control program for your next project.




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